Information for Current Student-Athletes

Study Center

Spring 2017 Final Exam Review Sessions

All student-athletes attending these sessions should check in and out with the monitor in 120 DeBartolo.

  • ACCT 20200 - Friday, 5/5 from 7-9pm in 118 DeBartolo
  • ACMS 10145 - Friday, 5/5 AND Tuesday, 5/9 from 6-8pm in 119 DeBartolo
  • BAMG 20150 - Monday, 5/8 from 7-9pm in 118 DeBartolo
  • CHEM 10172 - Wednesday, 5/10 from 7-9pm in 119 DeBartolo
  • ECON 10011/20011 - Thursday, 5/11 from 7-9pm in 119 DeBartolo
  • MATH 10360 - Tuesday, 5/9 from 7-9pm in 118 DeBartolo


The tutoring program, under the direction of the Tutor Coordinator, provides flexible and comprehensive content tutoring to all student-athletes. A supplement to class time and faculty assistance, tutoring is an opportunity for student-athletes to more fully master class content. Tutors are either undergraduate or graduate students who have been recommended by professors. The Tutor Coordinator assigns a specific tutor to each student-athlete who submits a request through his or her counselor. The vast number of tutors available allows student-athletes to schedule tutoring sessions with the assigned tutor at times that fit individual schedules. Tutoring sessions can take place at any time from 8:00 A.M. until midnight. The tutoring program is not intended to take the place of attending class and working with professors; tutoring provides an opportunity for students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of course material. 

If you would like to work with a tutor, contact your academic counselor. 

Transition Program

During the first semester of Freshman Year, all scholarship student-athletes will participate in a mandatory academic Transition Program. The central goal of this program is to help ensure that each student-athlete has a successful start to their collegiate career. By focusing on the importance of a consistent approach, ASSA hopes this experience will reinforce a set of habits (punctuality, organization, good time management and the capacity to focus) that will help each participant successfully balance the demands inherent to being a student-athlete at Notre Dame. While the environment is closely supervised by ASSA Academic Counselors, the outcome is designed to cultivate growth and ultimately, academic independence.