Tutoring Session

Each semester, the office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes employs tutors in a wide variety of academic disciplines to assist student-athletes with their academic coursework. These are paid positions and both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. In addition, the office offers specific opportunities for upperclassmen and graduate students to work as study hall monitors or strategy tutors. Please see the links at the left for more information about our strategy tutor and monitor positions as well as for more information on current open positions.


To be qualified to tutor for a course, you must have received AP credit, a grade of an A or an A-, or have an undergraduate degree in the field, and must be confident in your ability to effectively convey the subject matter to another student.  Additionally, applicants are asked to provide a professor as a reference. All ASSA tutors must be in academic good standing.  

ASSA primarily hires tutors for quantitative subjects such as math, statistics, science, engineering, and numbers based business courses in addition to foreign languages, philosophy, and theology. View a list of current openings.