Current Openings

We are currently accepting applications for tutors, mentors, and monitors for Fall 2018.  We hire tutors for quantitative courses such as math, science, and business courses as well as for languages, theology, philosophy, and a limited number of theory and methods courses in the social sciences.  At this time, we are hiring tutors for the following courses/subjects:

  • Accounting - all courses, especially ACCT 20100 (Accounting I), ACCT 20200 (Accounting II), ACCT 30110 (M&D I), ACCT 30120 (Strategic Cost Mgt), ACCT 30210 (M&D II), ACCT 30280 (Data Analytics in Acct)
  • Aerospace and Mechanical engineering - all courses, especially AME 20221 (Mechanics I), AME 21267 (Design Tools I), AME 21268 (Design Tools II), AME 30331 (Fluid Mechanics)
  • ACMS 10145 (Stats for Business I)
  • ACMS 20340 (Stats for Life Science)
  • BIOS 10170 (Biological Sciences I, formerly BIOS 10161 or BIOS 20201) 
  • Chemical Engineering - all courses, especially CBE 20260 (Theomodynamics I), CBE 30367 (Thermodynamics II), and CBE 30357 (Biotransport)
  • Chemistry - all courses, especially CHEM 10171 (Intro to Chem Principles), CHEM 10181 (Intro to Chem Principles), CHEM 20273 (Organic Reactions & Applications), CHEM 40420 (Principles of Biochem)
  • ECON 10010/20010 (Principles of Microecon)
  • ECON10020/20020 (Principles of Macroecon)
  • ECON 30010 (Intermediate Micro Theory)
  • ECON 30330 (Statistics for Econ)
  • ECON 30331 (Econometrics)
  • Electrical Engineering - all courses
  • Finance - all courses, especially FIN 20150 (Corporate Financial Mgt), FIN 30210 (Managerial Econ), FIN 30220 (Macroecon), FIN 30400 (Advanced Corporate Finance)
  • ITAO 20200 (Statistical Inference in Business)
  • ITAO 20600 (IT Management)
  • ITAO 30210 (Data Analysis with Python)
  • Mathematics - all courses, especially MATH 10120 (Finite Math), all levels of Calculus (MATH 10250, MATH 10350, MATH 10360, MATH 10550,  MATH 10560, MATH 20550),  MATH 20580 (Lin Alg and Diff Eqs), MATH 30650 (Differential Equations)
  • Philosophy - all courses - majors and minors strongly preferred
  • Physics - all courses, especially PHYS 10310 (Engineering Physics I), PHYS 10320 (Engineering Physics II), PHYS 20210 (Physics for LIfe Science I), PHYS 20220 (Physics for Life Science II)
  • PSY 30100 (Psych Stats)
  • SOC 30900 (Foundations Soc Theory)
  • SOC 30903 (Stats Soc Research)
  • Languages - Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese - native speaker or majors/minors strongly preferred
  • Theology - all courses - majors/minors strongly preferred

To be qualified to tutor a course, you must have received a grade of an A or an A- in that course or a higher equivalent (eg: students with an A in MATH 10550 can tutor MATH 10250 or MATH 10350), AP credit, or have received an undergraduate degree in the subject, and must be confident in your ability to effectively convey the subject matter to another student.  Only current Notre Dame students are eligible to tutor during the regular academic year. 

Click on the following links for more information on our mentor and monitor positions. 


Application instructions for all positions:

  • Interested candidates who are current Notre Dame students should apply here.
  • All new employees must list a reference.  This can be any instructor who has taught you at the college level.  Returning employees should check that they have already been recommended and write "returner."
  • If you have questions, please contact the Tutor Coordinator, Carlton Lyons at

Candidates for the mentor and monitor positions will be contacted if they are selected for an interview.  Tutor applicants for subjects of need will be invited to an orientation meeting.  Attendance at an orientation meeting is mandatory for all employment.